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Hello and welcome to the first health and wellness post on this page. As the name suggests, I have no intention of going on a diet. I love food and enjoy eating out as much as I love to cook. I wanted to start this new blog focus to help others with this journey. I wasn’t given much of a choice when we made this change in my house.

This isn’t a diet!

As I have talked about throughout this blog, my husband is from South Africa. He grew up on wholesome unprocessed foods for most of his life. During our first year of marriage, he gained a lot of weight. I just blamed it on him eating too much. Now I understand why he was so hungry all the time. The food here is mostly empty calories and his body wasn’t used to that kind of diet.

As of the time I am writing this, we have been off of processed foods for months now. This whole journey began well over a year ago though. One day in 2016 my husband was simply brushing his teeth and began getting sick. We didn’t think much of it at the time, he has a pretty bad gag reflects. The next day, the same thing, and the day after that too. We started thinking he might have a stomach bug. We were wrong.

Weeks went by and things got worse. He began getting sick every morning unless he went without food. Do you know how hard it is to look up information for men getting sick daily? Nothing but help for morning sickness during pregnancy.

Frustrated, we decided that enough was enough and made a doctors appointment. Baffled, the first doctor sent him to a gastroenterologist. They did an ultrasound and found nothing. Not just nothing, less than nothing. By all accounts the only usable information was got, was an elevated liver enzyme.

I began to feel helpless. No matter what he did or what he ate, he would get sick every morning. After a while, it began happening at random times throughout the day and night as well. Exhausted and lost I wandered into a local health and wellness market near our home.

After explaining the situation to the shop owner, he gave me some probiotics and enzymes for my husband to try. After one dose, he managed to keep his breakfast down. After his fourth, the symptoms all but vanished. We thought we have fixed the problem, again we were wrong.

I remember clearly what we had for dinner that night. Hamburger Helper with added cheese. I work a lot of hours and so most of our menu was made up of convenience foods that my teenagers can just follow the instructions and cook. That way I can eat when I get home and my husband can do things around the house and pay the bills and such.

That night after dinner, he became so sick, he was in pain. The pain was a new symptom and one I was not going to ignore. I read the bottle of enzymes more thoroughly and discovered that they work to break down the fat we eat. We shouldn’t need a pill to digest our food!

The next day, I was off so I threw out every scrap of processed food in our house and went to my local grocery store. I bought nothing but whole foods and organic produce. I made sure to select low-fat meats and left all the pasta and bread behind.

Now that things are better, we do still eat pasta and even bread. I just choose organic everything. As I said in the beginning, I have no intention of dieting, for us, this is a lifestyle choice. We choose to eat organic and cut out processed foods. After the first week, I knew I had made the right call. He hasn’t been ill since and to top it all off, we are losing weight too.

4 thoughts on “Stop the Diets!

  1. WOW, good catch on figuring out the processed foods, he could have been in pain daily for a long time if you hadn’t kept trying to figure it out… We eat processed foods, some, like you said convenience right! With all the daily needs of our family sometimes I have to reach for that boxed easy meal. But we grow and raise our own food and twice a year I do a huge “cook” day where I make frozen meals that will last us months, lasagnas, chili, pot pies, meatloaf, meatballs, all made from our home grown food, that has helped so much with my reaching for the convenient food, that has mostly become my convenient food!

  2. I agree that eating the right foods should be part of a healthy lifestyle and not a diet. Diets are known for being short-term, which is why doing this as a lifestyle will help you stay on track and eating right for the rest of your life! I am glad you guys are feeling great and healthy!

  3. Very inspiring. We go through periods of eating no processed foods for a while. Then we get lazy and they creep back in. I need to make this a lifestyle for our family. Your post has motivate me to start tomorrow. Thank you!!!

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