Solo Travel for Women – Tips and advice

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Solo female travel can appear to be overwhelming and scaring. In any case, it doesn’t need to be. Journeying solo is an astounding and engaging experience that I recommend to every traveler. A woman, however, should take some extra care when traveling solo.

Research Where You are Going

Do your research and make sure you know where you’re going. I know this may appear like an easy step yet keep in mind, it can be easily overlooked. When traveling to a new area, particularly solo, you should know as much as you can find online. Culture, crime rate, hotel policy regarding security, and if there are areas to be avoided. Every town, state, country, or city has a spot you just don’t go to unless you live there.

Some important things to inquire about are:

Religion – What is normally practiced? What would be advisable for me to wear to more religious locales? What is viewed as inappropriate or insulting by the people I mean to visit?

Dialect – Do you speak the language? Is it easy for a non-speaker to get around?

Governmental issues – Is there political distress? Why? Where is it? Would it be a good idea for me to keep away from these areas? Is it a touchy subject to local people?

Behavior and Customs – Dining decorum, social graces, dress manners, and hand signals…

How are ladies seen in this nation? Keep in mind few nations are as dynamic as Western societies.

Have an Itinerary

One of the best parts about solo travel is that your plans can change at a drop of a hat. That is a great feeling as a solo female. No one to make plans for you or set out rules. But having at least a speculative agenda helps loved ones at home feel more at ease. This can also keep you safer. Tell them where you are going, for how long, where you’re staying, and so on. What’s more, when you do have an adjustment in plans, let your family and companions back home know of these changes. Stay in contact with them frequently and dependably let them know when you make it to another stop securely.

Know Where you are Going

Invest some time acquainting yourself with another goal before arriving. The hardest aspect regarding solo travel is landing someplace new and being ill-equipped. Here are my most loved tips for a simple progression to another area while traveling.

Know how to get to your hotel (the place you are staying) is and how to get there from the airport (or however you arrive). This will ease any anxiety you may feel landing in an unfamiliar place. I invest some time to acquaint myself with maps of the airports and which transportation strategies are most secure/least expensive. Have a strategy to travel securely.

Have cash on you before you arrive or grab some out at a money counter or ATM. You would do better if you have enough cash to get you where you are going. At least the first stop.

Land in sunlight hours. This may appear to be another easy decision yet here and there we become involved with seeing a flight for 75% less expensive however there is a purpose behind that. Generally these land late in the evening and unless you have an ensured ride with a friend or somebody you know, I don’t recommend it. Pay the additional cash when solo and take a flight that will promise you land before the sun goes down.

In case you’re in a country where you don’t have the foggiest idea about the dialect, take a business card of the hotel with you, in the event that you have to take a taxi home. It enables the driver to comprehend where they have to take you and get you home securely. You can also make index cards with the address for each place you would like to stop.

Attempt to keep away from this circumstance if at all possible, yet in the event that you wind up in another area without facilities booked, book one ASAP and touch base before it gets late!

Know your Finances

First of all, know the amount you can spend and much it will be just to be in your destination of choice. You have to eat and that will take out of your “fun” budget. You would prefer not to be stuck halfway around the globe with no cash or in a dilemma. Here are my tips to stick to your spending plan.

Be reasonable and know the amount you can spend every day – this ought to include: facilities, nourishment, exercises, transportation, shopping, and so on.

Pay for as much as you can before you go. This means flights, lodgings, rental cars, and travel insurance.

Some hotels will take your card info online but don’t actually charge you until you check out. Keep that in mind with your travel budget.

Know the cash, trade rates, ATM and Bank Fees. Before going to South Africa (my first international trip), I set myself with an amount to spend every day and adhered to that. Check a cash converter or download the XE application (accessible for both Apple and Android phones) to check on trade rates. ATM and bank expenses can add up quickly so consider this before pulling out cash. I never travel without a Capital One card (no foreign fees).

Have a cushion for overages, impulse shopping, emergencies or in the event that plans change and you require additional funds. I plan on no less than 30% over what I set (on a solo trip, more if traveling with family). In the event that your travel spending plan is $2000, your cushion is $600. This is all relative, however, from my experience traveling, it’s dependably a smart thought to always have a spending plan for some additional.

When you take off for the day, carry additional cash with you in the event that something goes wrong. Keep it a protected spot separated from your normal cash. I have a wristband that goes around my upper arm but you could use a secret pocket of your purse, your bra, or shoe.

Get Touristy

It’s ok to be touristy. I find that the more I do touristy things, the better time I have! There is no shame in being a tourist, we all start somewhere. Some of the best things to do are “touristy”. So in the event that you are in a heavy tourist area, do you! This is your solo journey, do what makes you happy.Some of my favorite touristy activities include:

Cooking classes – Cooking normally unites individuals through sustenance. In addition, you will gain an appreciation for the different people in the class. All while finding out about the local food.

Tours – Tours are a great way to see a lot of different things in a short amount of time. Make sure the tour is legit and

Hop on hop off buses – Ok, I know, I know, these scream tourist, but I saw nearly all the wonders you hear about in London on one. I had an 11-hour layover and used this bus to see everything from the Palace to the Abbey.

Additionally, don’t pass up the free things the hotels offer. These are usually group activities, so being solo, you will have someone to take a few pictures for you. Plus they are usually fun.

Go with the Flow

I have to admit, this one was always hard for me. Being that I am very high strung (or at least I was) and travel made me so anxious. I always wanted everything to be like a picture book. That, I guess, is why I started this blog. Seeing so many people stressed about a little rain that it can ruin their entire trip. The need to help is in me.

Some trips are once in a lifetime, make the most of every memory you are offered. If you read my posts on packing you will be prepared for anything. So let the rain do its thing (worrying won’t stop you from getting wet).

Other things to consider, depending on where you travel to:

Wear neutral makeup colors and minimal jewelry.

Dress moderately. You can in still look adorable and be concealed.

Try to blend – you can check Instagram, magazines, and the web for inspiration on what to pack!

Always have a scarf with you in case you have to conceal any cleavage.

Pack a light sweater since you never know when you’ll require it.

Wear the correct clothing to religious more destinations.

Be confident – you should always be sure of yourself. You will stand out less as a solo woman traveling and look more like a lady who belongs.

Don’t trust everyone – but don’t distrust everyone either. Once you get used to solo travel, you will learn how to spot a scam or a dangerous situation. Engage with the locals just don’t give them any money you might need back.



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