A Simple Pledge – Day 2 – Fitness

Journey to Better Health Let's Chat

I have said in my about me page and even in my line of cookbooks, that I do not work out in any way. That is all about to change. Recent events have caused me to see that I need to be more physically active to promote better health. Today I take a simple pledge to […]

Why you should start an organic garden

Gardening Journey to Better Health

 Gardening, in general, offers its own health benefits but when you set out to grow all organic the benefits are so many they become hard to count. I do not claim to be a master gardener. My husband, on the other hand, knows more about farming and caring for plants and animals than most new farmers […]

A Simple Pledge – Day 1 – Nutrition

Journey to Better Health Let's Chat

Hello and welcome to the first series on this blog. A Simple Pledge is just that, pledges that we need to make to commit to a life of health and happiness. This will be a 10 part series to help you find balance in your day to day life.

Healthier Eating – 7 Tips to get you started

Journey to Better Health Tips

Eating unprocessed foods isn’t a diet that ends in 30 days or 6 weeks. This is a lifelong change. This group of beginner’s tips should make the transition easy and seamless.

Stop the Diets!

Journey to Better Health Let's Chat

Hello and welcome to the first health and wellness post on this page. As the name suggests, I have no intention of going on a diet. I love food and enjoy eating out as much as I love to cook. I wanted to start this new blog focus to help others with this journey. I […]

What To Wear When You Travel

Fashion and Beauty Travel in Style

Along with packing for travel, wondering what to wear and how to stay fashionable during travel days can be pretty tough. From hopping on a plane for a city break to a beach trip with the girls, we’ve got all the style tips and ideas you need.

Travel Insurance – What is it and why do you need it?

Travel Tips

Hello all. I have talked about this in a post before but only briefly. I wanted to discuss travel and trip insurance more deeply with you all today. Some new information has come my way and I would like to share that with all of you.